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Our Services

(Re)Birth Society as a birth care agency matches birthing people and families with doulas and birth keepers who can support their unique needs. Our community consists of birth professionals whose passion is for co-creating birth experiences and relationships full of support, safety, and sacredness. (Re)Birth serves to restore the communal aspect of bringing in new life. Our model of care includes bridging the gaps between families and support people and making sure those support people have the sustenance they need to continue doing this essential work.

For Parents & Families

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For Doulas & Birth Keepers

Structural Support Services

We offer structural support to our (Re)Birth Doulas to assist them as they assist their communities. We help our doulas with the organizational, financial, and educational aspects of this work, so that they can better focus on the personal, communal, and spiritual aspects. By doing so we aim to restore birth care as sustainable community care, and improve the quality of life for both our birthing families and Birth Keepers.  (Re)Birth Doulas can choose their level of service based on their individual needs. The service levels are flexible & open to change on a birth by birth basis.  Want to become a (Re)Birth Doula? Learn more here!

20% Give Back Fee

  • Doula  & client matching and scheduling

  • Contract creation & customizing

  • Access to workshops, trainings & educational resources

  • Customizable intake forms, logs and business-finance documents

  • Promo & Advertisement on (Re)Birth site & socials

  • Free trainings and mini-courses 

  • Our Postpartum Care Package provided to clients

  • Team support for you & your clients

  • Portfolio keeping

  • Back-Up Doula Matching & Coordinating

10% Give Back Fee

  • Access to workshops, trainings & educational resources

  • Customizable contracts, intake forms, and logs

  • Back-up Doula matching 

  • Team support for your client

  • Promo & advertisement

  • Portfolio

5% Give Back Fee

  • (Re)Birth Membership

  • Team support for your client

  • Back-Up Doula Matching

  • Promo & advertising

  • Portfolio

What are Give Back Fees?

Give Back Fees are monetary trade between (Re)Birth Society & our Doulas for the services we provide. For each birth that we help facilitate, our BirthKeepers can choose to give 5-20% of the total fee we charge our clients back to the organization. Below you'll find a breakdown of the payout formula as well as an allocation chart that shows how your Give Back Fees are spent.

Birth Service Fee (Client) 

Give Back %

(Re)Birth Give Back Pay

Doula's Total Pay





the math:

client fee - give back fee = doula total pay

$1250 - $125 = $1125

example payout breakdown

Copy of Staff Payroll.png
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