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Placenta Care Services

We offer placenta encapsulation, tinctures, burial, keepsakes & more

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Service Description

The placenta is the vital, sacred organ co-created by the birthing person and the baby-to-be, in order to provide nutrients, oxygen, growth hormones, immunity, and waste management to babies during their stay in the womb! In African-Indigenous tradition, placentas are deeply honored for their ability to sustain and protect life, and for the powerful healing substances contained within them. Afterbirth, when the placenta has detached from the parent and the baby, it continues to hold wisdom, medicine, protection, and power that can aid the baby and the parent beyond birth and beyond the womb. There are a number of ways to preserve the life force energy of the placenta after birth. 1. Encapsulation 2. Tincture 3. Serum/Ointment 4. Plant Fertilizer 5. Dehydrated Keepsakes 6. Burial 7. Protective charms/juju 8. First fruits offerings We offer services to support you in utilizing one or more of these methods to preserve your placenta power! Book a free consultation for more information on our services and prices!

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