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At (Re)Birth we value education and strive to increase our community’s access to learning resources and opportunities. The (Re)Birth Academy is a program that offers trainings, workshops, courses and intentional learning spaces to members of our community.


A free download of our introductory course, Foundations of a (Re)Birth Doulais included with Community & Contributor memberships and with enrollment in any of our courses and trainings. It is set to launch July 2022.

Part one of our Birth Doula training, The Prenatal Phase, launches in August 2022. 

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Foundations of a (Re)Birth Doula

In this course you will learn the roles, practices, qualities, and ethics of a (Re)Birth Doula, as well as our core values as a training academy. 

This course serves to lay the foundations of what it means to be a (Re)Birth Doula and highlights the principles we stand on. Our purpose in providing this course is to offer aspiring birth and postpartum doulas the essential training and tools they need to provide quality support to birth givers and families. We also aim to give birthing people and families insight on what doula care is.

The Prenatal Phase

In this course you will learn how to holistically support birthing people and families during the prenatal phase of care! 

This course dives into the prenatal phase of birth keeping. In this course we will highlight the changing needs of the birthing person, the partner, and the siblings. We will go over the many different ways that we as birth keepers can support people and families during the prenatal phase of care on a mental, physical and spiritual level. We will also learn the basics of the physiological processes taking place during the prenatal phase to strengthen our knowledge of the female reproductive system and the transformative journey from zygote to infant. Part 3, Childbirth Education, will go deeper into this transformational journey.

Our Courses

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