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(Re)Birth Society's 2023 

Check out the plans, projects, and programs that we have in progress this year! We are welcoming collaborators, sponsors, vendors, partners, and attendees! If any of these projects interest you, please reach out using the links under each project. You can also reach us at 

The Documentary

This spring we begin filming our docu-series. It is focused on Black Experiences from the lens of Afro-Indigenous folks. We are still welcoming people and families who are interested in joining us by sharing their stories authentically. Our purpose is to vibrantly show the experiences of of families and people within our community as they navigate birth, joy, pain, pleasure, death, and (re)birth.  We are also seeking BirthKeepers, mental health, and wellness practitioners to share  the work they're doing. Our aim is to convey our own narrative from a first-hand, holistic perspective, and to ensure we are sharing the lived experiences of our community in a way that empowers us and holds space for the growth of us all. Fill out this form if you would like to be a part of the experience. 

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