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Lissah Mason

Co-Founding Birth Keeper

Lissah is the Co-Founder of (Re)Birth Society. She serves as a Full Spectrum Doula, specializing in Home Birthing, Spontaneous Physiological Birthing and Afro-Indigenous Birth Practices. Lissah completed the Doula Training International (DTI) program in 2018 and has since trained under elder and with peer midwives, doulas, and birth assistants, receiving traditional hands-on trainings and skills. Lissah is an initiated Root Worker of the Ingram-Seay & Lipscomb/Pruitt-Williams lineages of North & Central Alabama and is on the path of Grand Midwifery & Root Doctoring within the Hoodoo Tradition. With over 7 years of education and experience in the field of plant-spirit medicine, she is a certified herbalist and current student at Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. In addition to her wellness work, Lissah is a scholar, educator & journalist with a focus on African-Indigenous cultural history and heritage. Over the past 10 years she has been active in community service and social justice work, volunteering for grassroots orgs in North Alabama, Tuskegee, Chicago and San Diego. In extension of her role within the (Re)Birth Society, she serves on the board of Nature's Garden for Victory & Peace. Lissah is a devoted Mama, family member, teacher, friend, and #ancestorsbaby, committed to total liberation for the Earth, the Spirits, and the People.


Khia Brooks

Co-Founding Birth Keeper

Khia is the Co-Founder of (Re)Birth Society. She serves primarily virtually as a Community Architect, advocating for and connecting her community through various resources and community projects. She also serves as a Birth and Postpartum Doula with a focus on trauma-informed care from an Afrofuturistic lens. In addition to Birthwork support she is an artist of various mediums, a scholar, educator and journalist based in verbal and nonverbal communication. Khia also serves her community as a virtual assistant to black, brown and indigenous women and non-binary folk on their entrepreneurship journey. She has a background in advocacy work with historically Black organizations such as The NAACP, and The NACWC. Khia is a devoted Mama, family member, friend, and community member who is committed to total liberation for the Earth, the Spirits, and the People.


Dr. Muhjah Shakir

Presiding Elder

Dr. Shakir is the Presiding Elder of (Re)Birth Society. She serves primarily as an advisor, fiduciary, and wisdom keeper within our organization. Beyond (Re)Birth, Dr. Shakir is the President & CEO of Nature's Garden for Victory & Peace, a land-based organization centered in holistic wellness, intentional learning, and community building. Dr. Shakir is licensed to practice Occupational Therapy in the State of Alabama. Additionally, she is a Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. She obtained an M.A. degree in Cultural Anthropology, and PhD in Transformative Studies, both from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She served as Professor of Occupational Therapy at Tuskegee University for 16 years before retiring to build NGVP full time. In the realm of Birth Keeping, Dr. Shakir is a certified Infant Massage therapist, with experience supporting the home births of her grandchildren. She is passionate about improving birth outcomes within her community and aids Birth Keepers in their efforts to do so. Dr. Shakir is a devoted mother, grandmother, and supportive friend.  In 2012 she was ‘enstooled’ as a Queen Mother under the auspices of the Institute for Whole Life Healing. She is well traveled having visited four continents and is deeply appreciative of world cultures and the beauty in its diversity. She lives a spirited and reflective life dedicated to the restoration of the land and her people.

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Naturopathic Healer 

Alicia Moon is a Naturopathic Healer who specializes in energy medicine and formulating remedies for chronic illness utilizing the foundations of health, herbalism and nutritional counseling. Her educational background includes an accrual of degrees and certifications from Troy University, South University and Trinity School of Natural Health.  In earlier years, Ms. Moon also attended Auburn University at Montgomery where she obtained certifications in Early Childhood Development. She has spent over 24 years in allopathic medicine and has acquired a plethora of experience working with all age groups as a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, Educator, Registered Nurse, Medical Assistant, CNA and Lab Assistant. She has since transitioned into her role as a healer and currently owns and operates The Healing Hut, which is  located in Elmore, Alabama. There, Ms. Moon combines cultural practices to  provide complementary and alternative therapies, conducts culinary classes that feature plant based “meals that heal”, and manages an herbal apothecary. She has an affinity for research which drives her methodology. However, it is her synchronization with the outworkings of the Universe that fuels her passion for healing. As a naturopathic healer, Ms. Moon combines her clinical

experience with her roots in nature, her understanding of the body's magnificent ability to heal, and spiritual guidance to assist her clients in reaching an optimal level of health.

Alicia Moon


Shacoby Tines

Birth Keeper & Social Worker

Shacoby is one of the first Birthkeeper’s to be certified by (Re)Birth Society as of February 2022. She discovered her passion in birthwork when she first became a mother in 2019, and has been willingly and wholeheartedly supporting family and peers of her community through their birthing process since. Shacoby is a Birth and Postpartum Birthworker with a focus on community education in advocacy of a personalized birthing experience. In addition to birthwork support, Shacoby has earned a Masters in Social Work and certification in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She is currently a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Illinois and studying to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Shacoby would like to merge all of her passions as she would love to develop an early educational center that focuses on the advocacy and support for black and brown families of children with all abilities from birth to school readiness. Shacoby is a devoted wife, mother, family member, friend and community member who strives to break generational curses of mental health stigma that plagues society today.

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Denise Mason

Youth Enrichment Director & Community Elder

Denise Mason is the elder director of our Youth Enrichment Programs. Over the past 35 years she has served African-Indigenous youth and young adults, creating solutions to the social & economic issues our communities face. Denise is a passionate advocate for children and teen rights, as well as the rights of disabled people in our community. She strongly believes in a future of socio-economic empowerment for African-Indigenous people and is passionate about supporting young entrepreneurs on their journey to financial wellness and fulfilment. Denise obtained her bachelors in Psychology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and went on to complete her Masters in Non-Profit Management with a focus on Human Services. She is the CEO & Executive Director of Montelissa Full Life Resources, where residential and personal care is provided to our disabled community. She currently works with SOS Children's Village Outreach in Chicago and is in the process of opening up cultural centers in Alabama and Illinois. Denise serves on the board of New Way Out, a grassroots community organization founded by her son! She happily serves on (Re)Birth's board, supporting her daughter, Lissah, and continuingwhat she calls her "ancestral legacy of service and support" to her people. Denise is a dedicated Mama, loving sister, faithful friend, and child of God


Birth Keeper & Holistic

Wellness Coach

Cora Hawkins

Cora serves as a holistic wellness coach, nutrition specialist, and full-spectrum doula with a focus on indigenous wellness practices and nutritional healing- on a cellular level. As a 7 year yogi, Cora specializes in Prenatal Yoga and leads couples & group yoga sessions! Cora is the co-founder of Alkaline Healing Herbs, Chicago's first and only alkaline herbal shop, where she and her family offer over 100 herbs, host free wellness events, and assist people in transitioning to the alkaline lifestyle. Cora also offers plant-based meals, juices, and smoothies, prepared to facilitate healing and balance in the body. After studying abroad and embarking on global journeys, Cora is an advocate for diaspora unity & empowerment through travel and education. She hosts domestic and international retreats focused on wellness, local cultural history, local plant life, yoga, and meditation. Cora is passionate about the youth, working several years in youth enrichment. She aspires to lead  the next generation by example, showing them the power of travel, entrepreneurship, education, self-care and community service. 


Alexsia Marsh

Full Spectrum Birth Keeper 

Alexsia is a full-spectrum birth worker who is passionate about the liberation and empowerment of her communities. Her focus on supporting her community is starting at the source; the mamas/birthing people and their babies. She deeply cares about educating, informing, and holistically supporting those around her. She prioritizes supporting our birthing people to not only give them choice, awareness, and a better birthing experience but also to keep us alive and beyond well. From pregnancy to postpartum, she informs them of ways to find pleasure and joy in whatever stage. She hates the taboo that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum HAS to be terrible experience. This is also why she chooses to blend both her birth work education and sex/pleasure education to look at things from different angles. Simultaneously, she holds space for any + all emotions, thoughts, and experiences because she recognizes that this type of journey is a spectrum. She also places huge importance on supporting our LGBTQ+ families in a world that's still catching up, therefore making this kind of support and education less common. She achieved her certification in Afro-Indigenous Traditional Full Cycle Birthworker Immersion from Reclaim Our Birth Power Academy by Sunnie Rose. Currently, she is studying to become a sex + pleasure educator as well as an herbalist to further assist her communities. 

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Full Spectrum Doula & Herbalist

Aria serves as a Birth and Postpartum Doula and herbalist with a focus on creative expression and maternal comfort. She is the CEO of Jardin D’Euphorie, a holistic beauty and wellness brand developed out of love and passion for healing others inside and out. Aria graduated from Alabama A&M University with a B.A. in Communications Media and M.S. in Communications. She is a dedicated team member of Sound on the Hill, a promotional media company that promotes local artists, businesses, and creatives. She is active in her local art community, bridging relationships between those who create art, those who promote it, and those who support it. Aria is passionate about youth enrichment and serves community organizations that are geared toward educating and empowering our next generation of leaders. Aria herself is an artist and passionate creative on a mission to create and uplift safe-spaces and platforms that promote overall wellness for the mind, body, and spirit. 

Aria Cauthen


Forest "Chef

Will" Wilson

Food Alchemist & Community Elder

Chef Will, affectionately known as "Father Freedom," serves as a nutrition specialist and the elder over our Farm to Table Initiative & Food Security program. Chef Will began his journey in foodways in 1980, working in New England, CT working in Italian cuisine. In 1985, he moved to SD, bringing East Coast hip hop disc jockeying to San Diego.  He begun training within a culinary arts school in Coronado and there his career began Soon, he began studying the science of food as it relates to the body, mind and spirit, and found his love for nutritional healing. In 1997 he came to hsv where his mother reaides, on a mission to teach ppl about and serve vegan/plasntbased nutrition. American Culinary Association recommended he study nutrition and dietician to become a certified chef. in 2010, he opened his food truck, Chef Will the Palate where he serves gourmet vegan and vegetarian fare, made from farm-fresh and local produce. Today he is renowned for his culinary skills and extensive knowledge of herbs & foods as medicine. Chef Will is passionate about feeding his family and community soul-nourishing, body-balancing foods. He loves learning about and teaching about nature's divine ability to assist and heal us, and how our history and culture shapes our lives. He is an advocate for women and children, fathering not only his own children, but all of them within his reach. 

6B14A835-6419-4423-8F58-6EC1D069E46F - Kamara Turner.jpeg

Nutrition, Physical Wellness Coach & Communications Consultant

Kamara is passionate about getting people the help they need. Whether it’s through her training and coaching or through my 9-5 job of public relations and brand marketing, She loves seeing people excel because they finally found a missing piece to their puzzle. She is also passionate about helping people find their confidence through mental and physical strength. So when things get tough, they have the skills to get through it. Instead of encouraging people to do everything on their own, I encourage people to find their village or find their tribe of people to work closely with. Although physical fitness can be an individual goal, there’s nothing like having people around you who have the same goal or understand your goals to help keep you on track. Kamara has a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, from Illinois State University. Her community contributions are her skills in strength training and coaching, nutrition coaching, powerlifting, power-building, and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) She values Collectivity, resilience, and confidence. Her business is called Kamara Lifts Coaching. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. as well as a member of the United States Powerlifting Association (State Referee).

IMG_5488 - Brianna Meshone (1).JPG

Bri Meshone

Photographer & Aspiring Doula

She is most passionate about being able to express her creativity through photography/ visual art and being able to connect with communities through her art and spirituality.  What makes her approach to her life work unique is that everything always comes back around to how she first got into doing photography work. Being able to bring love and joy to the community through art.  She sees everything around her as a form of art and approaches it all with the intention to connect and spread some kind of emotion.  She values her relationships (Family, Community, & Friends), She values Spirituality and her connection to her ancestors and she values the path that she’s being called to as it teaches her so much about self. Currently, she's obtaining her BA in Photography at Columbia College Chicago. Her photography business is called Brianna Meshone Photography you can learn more thru her Instagram. IG:@Bybriannameshone IG:@briannameshone. She also works as the social media manager and executive assistant for 6Dnetworktainment. 


Ali Doxie 

Yoga Instructor 

Ali is a Hatha Vinyasa style yoga instructor with a passion for physical and mental wellness. My love for fitness started at a young age and in 2017 I discovered yoga as a way to maintain my physical body and quickly realized the holistic healing effects yoga had on my body, mind and spirit as a whole. I offer a variety of class styles exploring breathwork and prioritizing relaxation during Yin yoga and more physically demanding Vinyasa classes to build strength and make you sweat. My personalized one on ones are like therapy sessions for the body, I believe through the many systems of yoga we can heal ourselves and change our lives.


Ingabire Mutimura

Interdisciplinary Artist,

Journalist & Aspiring Doula

Ingabire is an artist of many mediums including: vocal art, songwriting, music curation, journalism, and more.  She creates art that is intentionally designed to invoke healing in herself, her people, and the Earth. She is intentional about showing up for her community as a creative vessel and a safe space for people to be themselves unapologetically. As a doula, Ingabire aims to support mothers in prioritizing their wellness and showing themselves grace. Her approach to her life's work is centered in cultivating community, rest, & joy.  Her blog, entitled "ingxbirepeace," is a collection of her experiences a first-generation Rwandan in America. and on womanhood, blackness, and spirituality. She aspires to make artistry and birth-work her foundation and live her life to the fullest. 

Ingabire is an artist of many mediums including: vocal art, songwriting, music curation, journalism, and more.  She creates art that is intentionally designed to invoke healing in herself, her people, and the Earth. She is intentional about showing up for her community as a creative vessel and a safe space for people to be themselves unapologetically. As a doula, Ingabire aims to support mothers in prioritizing their wellness and showing themselves grace. Her approach to her life's work is centered in cultivating community, rest, & joy.  Her blog, entitled "ingxbirepeace," is a collection of her experiences a first-generation Rwandan in America. and on womanhood, blackness, and spirituality. She aspires to make artistry and birth-work her foundation and live her life to the fullest. 

Interdisciplinary Artist,

Journalist & Aspiring Doula


Ingabire Mutimura

Interdisciplinary Artist,

Journalist & Aspiring Doula

Kamara Turner

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