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We are inviting previously trained Birth Keepers as well as prospective doula trainees to join our (Re)Birth team! 

our why

As a full-spectrum birth agency, (Re)Birth Society aims to offer a structural support system to both Birth Keepers & Birthing Families as a solution to and in prevention of 1) the common stressors, burdens and struggles that we face in this work and

2) the maternal health crisis. By doing so, we improve our quality of care, our quality of life, and our community’s birth outcomes. 

who can benefit from

joining our collective?



- those who are seeking doula training and experience in the field from other African-Indigenous Birth Keepers.

- those who work & learn best in team environments and learning communities

- those who need peer and elder support & advisory on their birth work journey 

- those who want to focus more on the client-doula relationship than the business aspect of this work

- those who want to offer their clients well-rounded support from a team of doulas

- those who are new to the field and would like to learn & work alongside experienced Birth Workers

- those who are shifting away from individualistic ideologies and understand that collective liberation will require community-based work


"birthwork burnout"


Birthwork burnout is characterized by "feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job; and reduced professional efficacy." Birthwork burnout negatively impacts African-Indigenous service providers and families. This burnout is often due to lack of support, resources, and community, and is a direct result of the systemic oppression and discrimination our communities have faced over hundreds of years. African-Indigenous Birth Keepers (AIBKs) face systemic exploitation— being overworked, overregulated and underpaid, while being in service to communities that are also being overworked, underrepresented and underpaid. (AKA… capitalism).

our solution

We are working to address these issues head on while providing a standard of care that exceeds the current norm. We know that the only way to do this is to have strong structural support systems in place (and a whole lotta resources), and that is exactly what we strive to create, acquire and provide!

The restorative powers of our ancestors' Birth Keeping legacies are ours to reclaim. We believe that there is power in unity and strength in numbers, and therefore we see great value in joining forces with the people within our reach who are aligned with liberation and ready to be a part of the solution! If you are one of those people, welcome! We need you, and equally look forward to helping you meet your needs.

Learn more about our structural support services for doulas.

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