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Our Purpose:

to provide service, resources and empowerment to members of the African-Indigenous community. Our goal is to support our community's efforts toward physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social, and financial wellness and justice.

Mother Daughter Portrait

Our Offerings:

  • educational resources*

  • birth work & advocacy services*

  • mutual aid

  • wellness events and programs*


Those we call community members are often people who are within our reach. Our actions (and inactions) can have a lasting impact on those people. When we promote the phrase, "Each One Reach One," we acknowledge that it begins with knowing our impact and being intentional about how we show up in & for our communities. We are committed to reaching them with love, care, support and acceptance.

Our belief that Community Care is essential to the wellbeing of African Indigenous people supports our aim to make resources, advocacy, education and healing accessible to those who need it. We offer Community Care with the Each One, Reach One approach. Those who we partner with, train, support, educate, and build with are encouraged & equipped to go out and do the same in their own ways, to reach another who will reach another.

Community = Continuity

  • gardening & sustainability initiatives

  • youth outreaches

  • land development 

  • and more

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