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Labor Preparation Session

Learn & practice labor positions & comfort measures & pain management

  • 2 hours
  • $75 (or $50 virtual)
  • In-person (or Zoom)

Service Description

In our Labor Preparation Sessions, you will be equipped with an understanding of the labor process and how to best support it! We will discuss the shifts and changes that occur as you progress through your labor so that you and your partner(s) are aware of your body’s signals and messages and know how to respond. We will discuss and demonstrate various labor positions & movements that support your baby’s optimal positioning in the womb and their descent therefrom. These positions can help minimize pain and/or duration of labor. We also show you a few prenatal yoga positions that can relieve pain and pressure that can result from pregnancy. We will show you and your partner(s) different ways they can help provide comfort through massage and movement techniques. We will discuss other comfort measures you can utilize to help create an atmosphere of peace and calm and to self-regulate your nervous system. This can significantly improve your ability to manage your labor and even increase your pain tolerance. We will also discuss nutrition and hydration that support a healthy labor & delivery! This service is In-Person or via Zoom. Partners and support people are encouraged to attend so that they can be prepared to assist you in labor. This service was specially curated by Lissah Mason @iamthecreatress 💖

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