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Virtual Doula Support

Need virtual birth & postpartum support? We'll meet you where you are.

  • 30 min
  • Free Consultation
  • By Phone or Zoom

Service Description

Having support from someone who is knowledgeable, confident, & dedicated to co-creating the best possible birthing experience can be so relieving and rewarding. Virtual doulas can provide that support! Our Virtual Doula services are offered as a full package OR as individual services! The full package includes: ✨ 1 Prenatal Intro Session to get to know you and your unique needs for this labor and postpartum period. ✨ 1 Birth Planning Session to walk you through the various options you have for your labor, delivery, and postpartum care in whatever birth setting you are planning for AND in the hospital setting, in case of transfer or emergency. We will record your preferences & requests & send them in writing to you and your care providers. ✨ 1 Labor Prep Session where we will demonstrate & practice various labor positions that support your baby's optimal positioning in the womb and their descent therefrom, as well as prenatal yoga positions that can relieve pain and pressure that can result from pregnancy. We will also show you & your partner various comfort measures & positions you can try together. ✨ 1 Postpartum Care Session to celebrate your birth, provide info & resources, offer breastfeeding support and assist you with immediate needs. ✨ 1 Postpartum Care Package includes a custom Yoni Steam, Herbal Sitz Bath and Postpartum Tea blend. ✨ On-call availability for a 1-2 hour labor support call beginning 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date. These offerings are also available as individual services for those who may not need the full package! We offer free consultations for those interested in our services. Use the link in our bio ( to book your free session! Check out our Services page to learn more about what we offer!

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