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(re)birth. (re)build. (re)claim. (re)member. (re)imagine.


We are the (Re)Birth Society. We are a community organization, committed to wellness, education, justice, and empowerment.

The purpose of (Re)Birth Society is to provide service, resources and support to members of the African-Indigenous community. Our goal is to amplify, aid and sustain our community's movement toward total wellness and liberation.

The offerings we aim to provide for the community include: birth work & advocacy services, educational resources, wellness events and programs, sustainability initiatives, youth outreaches, mutual aid, land development, and more.

Founded in 2018, (Re)Birth Society is continually evolving and expanding. We currently have two branches- in Chicago & Huntsville and will be launching our virtual learning academy in July 2022.



Service & Support

(Re)Birth Comm(unity) Collage

Check out our collage of events we've hosted and the wonderful people who have attended!  Visit our Events page to join in on the fun. 

Let's Link!

Join us for our first in-person Hey Mama session of the year! This one is called April Showers: Exploring Grief. During this session, we'll be exploring our relationships with grief and the strategies we can use to feel and heal through it. Each guest will receive a complementary cup of our Heart Healer or Calmer Downer tea. Guest will also be welcomed to a guided yoga and meditation session.  Light refreshments are included. Get your ticket today! 

Hey Mama! [Exploring Grief]
Hey Mama! [Exploring Grief]
Join the (Re)Birth Society for this Mama-centered gathering! We'll be exploring our relationships with grief and healing modalities we can use to help us feel & heal through it!
Apr 29, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM CDT
Haji Healing Salon - Chicago,
4448 S Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL 60653, USA

"I found Lissah literally one week before I birthed and I have to express my ultimate gratitude to Lissah, The Creatress. My situation was a unique one and I had given up hope on finding a Black birth worker that would be by my husbands and I side as we birthed our daughter at home. However, Lissah was most understanding and so very flexible. I felt from our first moments speaking with each other, her sincerity and how she genuinely wanted to offer her services to me. For that I’m forever grateful because she was needed. Her flexibility, attentiveness, expertise and spirit helped create the birth experience I could’ve only dreamed of and she has made sure that I’ve been equipped with the tools I’d need to survive postpartum successfully. Even though I was only able to experience a shortened portion of what she offers, I would highly recommend her to any mother looking for a birth worker so that they can gain the full experience of her services. My husband and I can only speak of her praises and cannot express how thankful we were for her to be apart of such a monumental point in our lives."


Registered Nurse; Mama

Chicago, IL

"Khia has been my 'life doula' over the past year.  Her doula-to-doula support has been such a wonderful resource. She has supported me while I supported births that were triggering or otherwise difficult. She's listened and talked me through my various life transitions- the constant births and deaths and (rebirths) of life.

She's pulled cards for me, said prayers for me, and deeply inspired me. I'm infinitely grateful for her support and sisterhood."


Birth Keeper; Mama

Huntsville, AL

"My greatest accomplishment was this labor of love! Thank you so much, Lissah, for EVERYTHING!!! From the very first conversation to postpartum visits Lissah has been of amazing support and calming energy. I wouldn't have been able to reach my goal without her. No matter the birthing plan for any mom, I'll always recommend a doula, specifically HER! We thank you Lissah!!!"


Real Estate Agent; Mama

Chicago, IL

"Lissah is a phenomenal Birth Keeper, Community Root Woman and her capacity to hold emotional, mental and physical space for the families she supports is the reclamation of our gifts that the ancestors prayed for. To work alongside Lissah is to know that you and your family will be held with care, respect, balance and honesty. She has empowered me so much on my own Birth Keeping journey as well as my motherhood journey and the sisterhood that has grown from our knowing one another has helped me navigate joys as well as difficulties with grace that at times seemed impossible to find without her support. She helped us bring our son safely into this world and our family is forever grateful to have known and been supported by her." 


Birth Keeper; Mama

Normal, IL

Trainings & Courses

Do You Want to Be a Birth Keeper?

We are excited for the launch of our Birth & Postpartum Doula Training Courses. Our introductory course, Foundations of a (Re)Birth Doula is currently FREE to all aspiring Birth Workers of Culture.  Our course, The Prenatal Phase, launches in Fall 2023!

Stay tuned for announcements and registration openings. 

A Word from Our Clients

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